Manic Monday: AKA Manic Month!

This might explain my 3ish weeks absence…

We are expecting! (#3 for those of you keeping count at home.)  The first 18 weeks of this pregnancy has been interesting with ongoing morning sickness (still) and a few weeks of bedrest thrown in.  I”m happy to report we are all doing well!

Vacation which included a wedding in Kentucky, 5 days of bliss with my best college friend in West Virginia and approximately 25+ hours round trip on a train!

And right when we are ready to settle back in…one trip to the ER. Two missing teeth, a very bruised face and one 4yr old who now has a very cute lisp like quality to his speech!

This week I am back in the saddle.  I’ve chosen this week to share some words and posts from other blogs that I enjoy, admire and that intrigue me as we continue on our journey of daily topics:

Manic Monday: Various Notes from Around the Web
Toddler Tuesday: Thoughts on life with Toddlers and PreSchoolers
Wednesday Words:  Encouraging words for Expecting Moms
Travel Thursday: Reflections on what travel and work can mean to a family
Financial Friday:  Financial Tips and Tricks for all!

To start us off…

Did you know there are Etsy creatives who make slipcovers…brilliant!
Pink and Polka Dot

For those of you that garden…the War of the Weeds!
Frugal Granola

Get Inspired by the simple things in life…
Every Shade In Between

See you back here tomorrow for some encouraging words and ideas for motherhood!


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