Toddler Tuesday: Community Time

by blmurch

Every night when my son goes to bed I lay down with him and we talk about his day. It is a good way to help him unwind and it is a great way for me to understand what in our days at home are most important to him.

This past week we had a busy day where we had story time, played, swam, had a picnic lunch and  our Papaw Keith came and ate with us for dinner.

At bed time I asked Keller the usual question, “What was your favorite thing you did today?”  Sometimes I get a favorite food that we ate or favorite book that we read but this night was different. His response without hesitation was “Having dinner with Papaw Keith.”

I think my heart skipped a beat at that moment.

When life is busy, you’ve worked during the day, kept house, ran errands and dealt with the daily grind opening your home to family or friends may seem like just one more “job” to do.

But take a moment to consider how your hospitality might impact your children.

Our toddlers aren’t often involved in the decision making when it comes to who we have community with but the people we  choose to involve in our lives directly impacts our kids.

Grandpa taking an evening to come have dinner and just be a part of our family made a big impact on Keller.  Big enough to qualify as the FAVORITE part of his day.

By filling our homes with family and good friends our kids begin to understand the value of healthy community, something they can carry with them forever.

by googlisti

Today’s Challenge:

Look at your calendar and see where you are involving your kids in a community of family or friends.

If you are already there, consider asking your child who they would like to invite over in the coming weeks.

If you have a lot of open space consider who your community is and invite someone over.  Involve your child in the preparation to help them understand the value of what is happening around them!


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