Toddler Tuesday: Size Matters

by calamity_sal

My son is terrified of regulation size swimming pools. Terrified.  Once, we spent 3 hours at a hotel pool and the furthest he got in was feet on the first step and that was a fight.

With summer showing its shining face I was just struggling thinking about another waterless season. How can a kid so small have a fear so big?

Some friends recently gifted our son a Cars swimming pool with a slide. In the first 10 days we have managed to be in our new place it has been 80+ every day. With full knowledge that I might be wasting my time, we set up the pool.

My 2 yr old couldn’t get in fast enough. She was in with her clothes on before I even managed to get her in a bathing suit.

And as predicted my 4yr old just stood there. But, within minutes he was touching the water, putting his feet in, dipping a cup in and eventually fully soaked in the fun, sun and water of the afternoon.

As I sat pondering why the change I realized, size matters. Especially for kids.

It seems to be the human response. Put us in a large situation where we are just a small piece we can flail, disengage and be guided by fear. But limit the size of the situation and we realize, we can dip in more than our feet.

As we struggle with our kids talking back, showing fear and just withdrawing it is to our benefit as parents to assess the whole situation.  How big is it and how big does it look to our child?

Can we create smaller perimeters for our child to function in for this task or situation? As a parent how can you use smaller situations as a preparation tool for the bigger pools of life ahead?

I want to challenge my toddler to put more than his feet in the big pool, but maybe a little preparation before we get there is required.

Today’s Challenge: When your toddler is exceedingly frustrated take a look at the situation and see just how big it is. You can either change the perimeters or challenge your child to take a bigger step, either way, life preparation starts now – let’s prepare our kids for success!


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