Toddler Tuesday: Superheros!

by Randy Son Of Robert

Recently, my 4 yr old has been asking a lot of questions about superheros. Things like what they wear or if I know their “song”.

Now, I grew up as the oldest of 3 girls, superheros are not necessarily a part of my random repertoire of knowledge. I have no idea how my son even found out about superheros but as I’ve been thinking about it (and learning a TON about superheros this past week) I have been pondering what it would mean to be a superhero mom to my son.

When I think of superhero mom I think of a mom who can do it all.  Cook, clean, create, work, volunteer, have perfect kids, look great and always be happy doing it.

When my son thinks of a superhero mom it looks totally different. His idea of a superhero mom is someone that plays hide and seek, digs in the dirt, lays with him at bedtime, leaves him the last sip of juice and always appears happy doing it.

Since we are all human we won’t be the perfect superhero mom. BUT maybe if I can combine my ideas and my sons ideas I can get a little closer to being what is most important to my son (and daughter).

So I’m working on my super hero image…

Name: MOM The Defender

Theme Song: I Refuse… (

Super Power: Magic Ears. The ability to hear, listen and process what is going on with each child around me and then use that knowledge to respond in a way that champions that child.

Costume: Jeans, Sea Green cap sleeve t-shirt, black leather sandals and some mascara

Today’s Challenge:  Create your superhero image. Your name, theme song, costume and super power. Remember who you are conquering for!


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