Financial Friday: Packing Tips

by james.thompson

We are 1 week away from moving. I’ve been collecting tips and tricks along the way for you, so here they are!

Boxes: There are a lot of ways to get free boxes. Start asking early! It may take some effort to collect them but remember, they are free.

    1. Ask people you know who work in an office to collect paper boxes. Paper boxes are great for packing glass, especially the kitchen.

    2. Check your local grocery store or big box store and see when they receive shipments. A lot of grocery stores break down boxes and leave them at the dumpster. If you know what day most of the boxes come in you could be set!

    3. Craigslist and Freecycle. If you are in a larger town or city check these two online sources daily. Craiglist has a “free” section and Freecycle is always free. They are first come, first serve so checking multiple times each day might not be a bad idea!

by rbphalen

Kids: Packing with kids around is about the craziest thing I’ve ever attempted. However, depending on age and time, here are a few things that have worked for me.

    1. Commit to packing 2-3 boxes a day when your kids are napping or at school. If you have some time (I had 6ish weeks)  this allows you to pack in peace and you will notice that as moving day gets closer, you are already 80% packed!

    2. Enlist your kids. Allow your kids to make piles of things they are ready to pack or donate. Have them pick out 2-3 toys in the “keep out” pile and then put everything else in the “pack” or “donate” pile. We did this for both our books and our toys and it was immensely helpful to me and it encouraged conversations about our move with the kids.

    3. Box art. When all else fails pull out the markers! When my kids were awake and I have needed to pack I have let them color the boxes. We have the most beautiful moving boxes you have ever seen. From shapes to letters, my kiddos have been creative and out of the way as our boxes get filled.

What are your best moving tips? Let us know in the comments!


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