Wednesday Words: Hear Me (Week 19)

And he said, ‘He who has ears, let him hear.’
Mark 4:9

Sometime around the 19th week it is thought that babies begin to hear. A mother’s voice, music, movement around them, a new sense of the world they are in and the one they will be born into.

The ending of the parable of the sower says “He who has ears, let him hear”. That means your baby too! As your read scripture and pray remember those around you who can hear.

First, remember that God hears.  Even in your silent moments, God hears. Your worries, your joys, your complaints and your musings.

Second, know that your spouse, friends and family hear you.  During pregnancy it is easy to feel alone, as if you are the only one experiencing what you are experiencing. Let your family and friends experience this with you, even the hard parts. It is the sweetness and difficulties of life that reminds us of what is most important.

Mom Tip: Speak up! If you are celebrating or struggling, let it be known to someone close to you.  Holding in all the excitement, anticipation or joy can be overwhelming.  Make a point to have a phone call or coffee date with a person close to your heart, share this weeks notes with them and be heard!


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