Toddler Tuesday: A Child’s Heart

By kudumomo

A few weeks ago it was Mother’s Day.  My husband was away on business so the day pretty much went on as usual.  We came home after lunch celebrating friends and the dedication of their son to the Lord and all snuggled down for a nap.

After nap I got the greatest gift a mom could ever ask for.

My son and I were sitting at the kitchen table and he was diligently working on a picture for his dad.  Train stickers and markers were spread out everywhere.  As I sat and we chatted he said “Mom, I’m thankful for you.” My heart melted right there.

We often talk about what we are thankful for, it is actually a requirement when we pray, that we make sure to cover at least one thing we are thankful for.  It was so sweet to hear these words from his mouth.

But what came next was even sweeter.

My son leaned over and gave me a hug.  He said “I’m so thankful I’m going to pray to Jesus right now.  Dear Jesus, Thank you for mommy and daddy, Keller and Charlotte.  I am very thankful for mommy. Amen.” He gave me a little kiss on the face and went back to his picture.

As the tears silently streamed down my face I was thankful. Somewhere in the small heart of my 4 year hold something is changing. I can not predict what job my son will have when he grows up or the kind of man he might be but I know that even now, his heart is finding out how to be in the right place.

It is our job as parents to encourage our children’s hearts.

It is easy to get worn out while teaching semi-forced thankfulness at meals or teaching pleasantries like please, thank you and holding doors around other adults.

But as we teach our kids the actions of kindness, don’t forget to teach them the heart words of love. Even our toddlers.

Today’s Challenge: Encourage your child today every time they do something from the heart. You may be surprised that their actions speak louder than their words.


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