Financial Friday: Summer of Fun

by Michael Newton

Remember when you were a kid and summer is what you looked forward to all year? Being a warm weather lover I am still that way!

As an adult I look at summer and sometimes all I see is dollar signs.  It costs to go to the pool, it costs to go to the amusement park and it costs to go to park district classes.

STOP!  Summer does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Again, remember when you were a kid. What are your favorite childhood memories? Here are a few things that came to mind for me…

Riding Bikes

The hours after nap time can be so trying. Take the opportunity to get your bikes out and ride around town.  If you live in a city find a bike bath or forest preserve.  In a more rural area ride to a favorite friends house or visit an elderly neighbor.  Exercise and encouragement, all in one!

Playing in the Hose

For most of us summer brings much warmer days. Let your kids be kids and get messy. Put them in their bathing suits and give them the garden hose. Let them get muddy, IT’S SUMMER! Another perk is that kids get good and tired playing in the water and should take really great naps 🙂


If you are already making peanut butter and jelly for everyone why not take it outside?  Grab an old blanket or some beach towels and enjoy some sunshine! Get your kids involved by letting them chose a spot. Enjoy lunch in the fresh air. That PB & J might just taste a little sweeter!

Tell us, what is your favorite cost free summer activity?


One thought on “Financial Friday: Summer of Fun

  1. Picnics are one of our favorites. Since my kids are still young, we often “picnic” in the backyard! Thanks to where we are located, the beach is also a favorite free summer activity!

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