Travel Thursday: The Great Escape

by virtualphotographystudio

Doing anything alone can be difficult.  Working without co-workers, coaching without support or parenting without a spouse.  In the midst of getting things done life can easily become exhausting.

I would not trade where I am with anyone.  I feel blessed to have so many hours with my kids, a spouse who works tirelessly for our family and enough time on the side to engage the gifts I have like writing and volunteering.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get tired.

Sometimes you have to make the great escape. Even when it feels like there are 100 things you could be doing, remember that your rest, mental and physical state impact how you deal with everyday life.

Today I am doing just that.  My husband has been home for 3 days and I am heading out for just a couple hours.  I plan to check my email, people watch, enjoy a short walk and just be quiet for a bit.

Today I want to encourage you to find time to make an escape. Plan it well and make sure that you fill it with something that refreshes and revives you!

Some points to ponder:


Home is not always the best place to rest.  Your bed or favorite chair might be there but so is the laundry, bills and kids. Consider sitting in a park, quiet coffee shop or bookstore.  Find solitude away from home.  Don’t be shy, close your eyes for a few minutes and just take in the peace around you!

Physical Health:

When you work a lot, at home or otherwise, you expend a lot of physical energy. But just because you work up a sweat doesn’t mean you are physically in a great place.  For some of us this means we just need to go to bed early.  Maybe we tell our spouse we are turning in at 8:30pm and they are in charge.  For others of us we need some focused time of stress relief or physical activity.  I prefer hot yoga! Whatever it is, make sure your body gets the boost it needs to do all those tasks that await you.

Mental Health:

When constantly thinking about the needs of others, especially our kids, it can be mentally taxing. We often put aside our own thoughts or life circumstances so that we can focus on what is right in front of us. Make sure to take time to process what is going on with YOU.  For me, mental health is strongly tied to spiritual health.  When I take the time out of my day to pray and reflect, everything, including my encounters with my kids, becomes clearer.

Make your great escape.  Get your spouse on board, hire a babysitter, swap with another mom…whatever it is you need to do, DO IT! Your family will thank you for it!


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