Manic Monday: Wait…is that…the SUN!

By gr33n3gg

Deeper thoughts on the Royal Wedding:  By Lynn Cowell

Emerging from the cathedral, Princess Kate shined. A beautiful humility surrounded her that I have never seen in a bride. To me, her countenance spoke to the fact that she was very confident in who she was and in the new position she held following the holy ceremony of a wedding.  Every girl should experience confidence.  Not the type of “girl power” confidence we see advertised in commercials or promoted in our sit-coms. Every girl should know the confidence of who she is.  Every girl should experience the transformation that comes following the holy ceremony of the wedding…the wedding of our hearts to Jesus.

Budgeting for YOUR family: By Frugal Hacks

…it behooves us to concentrate our attention on our own affairs, being careful to secure the results in our own family life that minister best to the life of that family without regard to outside standards.

Mother to Mother Encouragement: By Stacy

Having a few good friends, who are also mothers, is a blessing. True friends who are willing to share their struggles as well as their triumphs, a wonderful gift.

It’s Just a Stage…or is it?: By Christine Hoover

I always thought that all my work and sacrifice in the baby years meant that I would “earn” and “deserve” some time to do what I wanted when my children were a little older. I’m learning that’s not so.


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