Toddler Tuesday: Can you hear me now?

by Jesslee Cuizon

I always find it amazing when our toddlers teach US a lesson.  I recently received this email from my son’s Sunday School teacher…

I wanted to share something Keller said yesterday when we were praying. He prayed that his house would not float away. Of course, I knew you had probably been praying with him about the people in Japan. His simple prayer request was very touching, and I think it is great that you pray with him about things like this.

At that moment I was so proud of my son!  He had been listening to what we had been talking about.  But more than that I was reminded that he is listening, even when it doesn’t look that way.

Our conversation and prayers for Japan took place on an afternoon.  I was watching the news and Keller was drawing at the kitchen table.  He asked what I was watching.  Unsure of how to approach such a serious topic I found a short video and had him come to the computer and watch.

We talked about so many things in that 5 minute span.  Floods, Noah’s Ark, rain, houses, floating away and if the lake we live by would ever get that way.  Satisfied that his questions were answered he got down from the desk.

Before he headed out of the room I stopped him and reminded him that we should pray for Japan and that no more houses would float away.  We prayed right there and then Keller went back to coloring. Unsure of what he heard or understood we just kept praying at dinner and at bedtime.  Just a small reminder of what was going on around us.

It is amazing that our kids hear us.  The few minutes that we stop to explain the things of the world can have a huge impact.  Even when our toddlers (who are running, jumping, rolling and laughing) seem to constantly ask the questions of why and what, the answers we give are of utmost importance.

My son’s limited knowledge of world events was able to reach even beyond him and encourage those that love him and serve him every Sunday morning.  Just think of who your kids might bless if they just knew the answer to what and why!

Today’s Challenge:  Next time your child asks what or why don’t give the simple answer.  Take a moment, think it through and answer with a heart determined to guide, encourage and be a blessing.


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