Manic Monday: Oh the days…

Thanks for bearing with me last week…sick turned into stressed which turned back into sick…when will we moms learn we just need to take a day to rest, refresh and revive!?!

by Andres Rueda

“Sometimes it is easier to be in bondage in the familiar than to be free in unknown places.”
Like a Warm Cup of Coffee 

“We could just glance at a whiteboard in our kitchen that lists the contents of such food storage places.”
The Simple Dollar

“We want a fresh start. Whether it’s with a marriage, a job, finances, as friend or parent, or just with ourselves.  Personally, it’s with a lot of the above.”

“We become so consumed with judging their behavior that sometimes we forget their intentions. They may not make sense to us, but it doesn’t mean they are always bad.

The next time your child misbehaves, look for ways to see beyond the behavior to the root.”
Steady Mom

“This boy, he’s not mine — he is His.  Before he was ever mine and long after I’m gone, he is His.”
Small Town Simplicity

“We long to see God’s signs and His wonders in our everyday living. It’s what we often search for and expect to find everywhere except in these regular ol’ lives of ours.”
Going Beyond

Happy Monday!  Happy Reading!


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