Toddler Tuesday: Just have fun!

Build a Fort!

Just have fun! It is SPRING here in the Midwest and my kiddos can’t get enough of it.  We have been on walks, gone to the park and played in our yard until our hands are so messy we all need showers.

Dress Up Just Because!

Today is picture heavy because I want you to think about having fun!  Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.  Put the struggles of the last several months behind you and start fresh!

Learn something new together...

Rejoice in all the things your child has learned.  Maybe they can dress themselves, have learned their letters or have a favorite song.  Enjoy it!

Have family movie night!

Time with our kids goes by so fast.  We always want to be better parents but give yourself a break, lift the stress of perfectionism and enjoy the beautiful person that is your child!

Just have fun!

Today’s Challenge: Do something fun and out of the ordinary!  Have breakfast for dinner, go grab ice cream for dessert, watch a family movie before bedtime.  Just have fun!


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