Travel Thursday: Spouse stuff…You

by SharonaGott

We usually talk about Travel Thursday and how it relates to kids.  But what about how you and your spouse deal with it? Are you making enough time for each other? How is the constant transitioning for you both?

Since every person is unique there is no “right way” to make this work.  I am super high energy so I don’t find it too difficult when my spouse is gone for a week at a time (although I much prefer to have him home!) whereas it takes a much more physical and/or emotional toll on others.

This week I am going to give you some tips for the person at home that have worked for me. If you have things that have worked for you make sure you let us know what they are in the comments!

Chores: Make sure any joint chores are done.  My husband generally takes out the garbage and does the grocery shopping. I always make sure there are no big things in these areas that have to be done before he leaves. It starts my week off right if there aren’t any additional chores hanging over my head.

To-do’s: Make a list of things to do while your spouse is away.  I ask my husband every time he leaves “Is there anything I need to be doing while you are gone?”  Sometimes there is nothing and others there is a ton.  Most of these things include making appointments (Dr.’s, oil changes, etc.) and making plans (with friends and with each other).

Money: Pay Bills.  This may sound odd but I make sure this is done before he leaves.  This way we keep our financial conversations open and honest and we both know what is going on with our money at all times.

Time: Have a date.  Make sure you have time alone with your spouse before he/she leaves. Sometimes we just have coffee and dessert at home and other times we get a babysitter and go out. These are always great times of refreshment and conversation for both of us.

Schedule: Take time to make sure your weekly schedule without your spouse is set.  For me this means making sure I have a babysitter if I have something planned or reschedule something that might be too much with just one parent. This also helps me keep friends informed if I need to switch something up because of last minute travel.

What are your tips for making the transition easier for you?  What do you do to prepare yourself, your home and your relationship?

Join us next week as we talk about what your spouse can do for you!


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