Manic Monday: Favorite Quotes…

by kurafire

I’m a words person.  I like words, quotes, books and blogs.  As you cuddle up to your Monday morning coffee (or tea!) here are some great quotes and blogs to start your week off right!


“One of my favorite parts about having children is the ability to relive my childhood through the eyes of my mother.” Small Town Simplicity – Macaroni and Cheese

“Mothers, take it from this empty nester, make the most of the time you have with your daughters! In the time you spend training her to be a homemaker, you can give her skills and share moments that create life long memories. The moments you spend teaching your daughter are the “forever moments”.Raising Homemakers – Reflections from an Empty Nest

“Every parent feels some sympathy for their kids when they go through awkward phases. But how many of us thought that parenting itself would be awkward?” Orange Parents – The Awkward Moments of Parenting

Fun things at Home

“… cookie cooling rack simply hung on the wall.  It works perfect for earrings!” Jill Savage

“Homemade Yogurt: The procedure itself is simple.”  The Simple Dollar

Devotional Thoughts

“Don’t get overwhelmed with the enormity and depth of the Bible.  It’s okay if we read just a verse or two today.  But more importantly than reading His words, we must choose to receive them. And even more importantly, we must live them.”  Proverbs 31 – Daily Devotionals

“Do you find yourself weighing your worth by the world’s scale? I challenge you to stand, instead, upon the scale of God’s Holy Word!  To find the weight of your worth in the words HE speaks into your life!” (in)courage – Weighing Your Worth


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