Financial Friday: Swap Meet!

by puuikibeach

We ALL have stuff we want to get rid of….right? Lets make it more fun by making a party out of it!!
So, here’s how it works. Come over, bring over things (and I do mean anything, homegoods, jewlery, cleaning supplies, hair product, etc.) you want get rid of or donate, look through what other people bring and go home with anything you find that you want. At the end of the night we’ll load up my car and I’ll donate the rest. COME!!

Friday night!  It is not often that I have plans but tonights plans are so exciting and very fitting for Financial Friday.  Tonight I am attending a swap.  A friend has invited a half dozen friends and their “stuff” over for the evening. (A good friend indeed if you want me AND my stuff!)

Here are 3 things that we hope to accomplish in our evening:

1.  Get rid of stuff: We all have things in our home we don’t want, don’t need or don’t even remember we have!  We cleaned out 1 closet, 3 bookshelves and the entire kitchen in preparation for the swap. My kitchen looks so clean and our very small apartment feels like we gained a whole room.

Note: Getting rid of items helps you assess what you do have.  A frugal person takes inventory and control of not only their money but also their stuff!  This was a great exercise for our family to take a good look around our home, pass on things we no longer need and be thankful for what we do have.

2. Get stuff: Most of us have a few things in our home we need or would like to have. Since this swap includes all items I am looking for a few good books to read this summer and bathroom items (soaps/lotions/etc.).

Note: If you are a “stuff” person this part of a swap can be hard.  Frugality means being aware of what you need vs. what you want.  Before you shop or swap always ask the question “What do I need?” I looked around after all the cleaning and noticed my bathroom and kitchen are running low on soaps, lotions and cleaning supplies.  If I can pick up any of those things for free that would be great!

After you identify what you need you can ask “What do I want?”  I really enjoyed ridding our house of things so I don’t want much!  However, summer is coming up and I love to sit outside with the kids and often have a chance to read.  Since I got rid of some of our books it would be great to acquire a few to replace them.

*Make sure to only come home with items from the need or want list.  If you defer from the list you will end up with more items you need to swap, toss or sell!

3.  Give Stuff: Are you aware of the people around you that don’t have enough stuff?  Even basic things like food and shelter.  Or maybe they have a home but no resources to furnish their home. I know that the ladies attending tonight have food, shelter, clothing and income. I also know that they have hearts that give generously.  We hope at the end of our evening to be able to give our things to those that can use them.

Note: Frugality also encourages charity.  Although this is not the primary focus of our evening tonight it will be a benefit!  Instead of having a garage sale or trying to Craigslist our remaining items we will willingly and lovingly give them to an organization that wants and needs what we have. Take time to give of your time, your ability or your money/stuff whenever you have a chance.  You will learn more by giving than getting every time!


Have you hosted or attended a swap?  Have any good tips or tricks?  Tell us about it!

Happy Friday!


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