Manic Monday: Some comments…

Me and My Girl...Messing Around!

Sometimes I have comments and sometimes I don’t…today I do…

I am always looking for practical and a practical routine.  This sounds reasonable > My Real-Life, Practical Daily Routine

Have ideas?  Have too many ideas?  I ALWAYS have ideas floating around in my head.  Seems like someone out there has a solution! > How to Protect Your Time from Too Many Good Ideas

I have been reading a women’s amazing journey from her husband’s jail time through grace to true freedom > Entrusted, Biggest Loser

Good food for thought.  How do you balance fun spending (vacations, outings, etc,) with spending money on planning? > The Simple Dollar

Spring.  Playing outside with the kids.  It also means I have to find all the bikes, balls and gear that contribute to our fun.  This is helping me get motivated. > Getting your garage and sporting equipment ready for summer

I’ve been reminded a lot lately that I can’t do it on my own.  What keeps me going through the day is my reliance on God.  Here is it beautifully stated. > Don’t Rely on Yourself

Happy Monday!


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