Financial Friday: Quarters for Coffee

My Daily Fix


I love coffee! I could go on and on about why and what kinds.  But today is financial friday so I just want to chat about cost real quick.

I’m sure you’ve read by now how much you can save by making coffee at home.  (If not take a minute and use this quick coffee cost calculator just for fun!)

The thing is though that part of having coffee out is the experience.  Getting out of the house, maybe meeting a friend and having someone else do the work.  That is what you are paying for after all!

So how does one drink the coffee and not choke on the cost?  Quarters for Coffee.  I still want the chance to “get coffee” but we live very frugally.  So, I play a little game called “Quarters for Coffee”.

Every time I go through change I pull out all the quarters.  I stash them away in the change pocket of my wallet and save, save, save.  When I’ve got enough for my favorite coffee drink I make a date and enjoy!

Saving up my quarters is both fun and easy.  It also gives me something to look forward to.  I am affording myself a small luxury but not all the time.  I enjoy it that much more because it is a treat!

I just spent all my quarters last Sunday so I am back to my own coffee pot but I am definitely looking forward to my next medium latte no sugar or cream and will enjoy it knowing I didn’t break the bank!

Tell us:  What little luxury do you afford yourself and how have you worked it into your budget?


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