Travel Thursday: When daddy comes home…

by RuTemple

Part of being a family with a traveler is that daddy misses some things.

As any traveler, working parent or even stay at home mom knows there is no way to catch everything that happens in a day!  The funny, the sad, the silly and the crazy – it just happens so quickly!

We’ve decided at our house to try and catch as many moments as we can though!  Often during a week my son will say “When daddy gets home I am going to tell him…”  Knowing that my husband would love to be around for all these moments we have started to capture them in a notebook.

Anytime my son wants to tell daddy something we write it down in the notebook.  If Keller is really creative he draws it out and I write a caption.  Then, when daddy gets home he can see and read in Keller’s own words what has happened all week.  It’s fun for my husband to be involved in this way and it is also fun for me to relive some of the moments from the week past.

This week my goal is to start including some of our daughter’s moments.  She doesn’t say much and can’t write but she does have milestones and stories to share as well.

My hope is that in our home my husband will feel more and more a part of daily life, even if he isn’t here.  But even for dads or moms who work during the day it is a great way to connect with our kids, to have them tell us in their own way what life looks like from their point of view.

Today’s Challenge:  Think of one way that you can help your kids share about their day with you.

Leave a comment and let us know what  works for your family!


One thought on “Travel Thursday: When daddy comes home…

  1. Great idea Rach. (This suggestion would have come in handy for me about 8 years ago.) Hope many others will benefit from your creativity. Love it!! 🙂

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