Toddler Tuesday: Co-operation!

by drcorneilus

Really!  Isn’t it the only thing we really want from our toddler.  For them to act beyond their age and cooperate with us in exactly the way we think they should?

I am sure I have this thought about 20 times a day.  If my 3 yr old would just…If my 19 month old would just… Now I am a big fan of setting moderately high expectations for our kids.  I subscribe to the philosophy that our children rise to the standard that we hold them to.

But the standard I have for them has to be toddler standards!  I can’t have standards that would apply to a teenager for them.  I need the insight, wisdom and perspective to acknowledge what is a manageable standard for my toddler and what is not.

I was reminded of this last week.  My 19 month old has decided she wants to be a toddler.  She walks, tries to talk and now wants to help with things.  After a diaper change she stood up, picked up her diaper and put it in the garbage.  I did not teach her to do this, though am sure she has seen me do it 1000 times.   She repeated this activity the next time and now I expect her to do it every time.

This is a reasonable expectation.  So here are some things to consider when you expect your child to cooperate:

  • Do you do the thing you are asking them to do?  Have you demonstrated the task, skill or attitude you expect from them?
  • Is the task age appropriate?
  • Does the task engage them in an activity relevant to their life or the life of the family/people around them?

If the answer is yes to these questions your child is ready to be held to a standard of cooperation for that task! And if the answer is no what do you need to do to get your child to the place that they can cooperate?

Today’s Challenge:

#1 Look around and see where your child is already cooperating and make sure to acknowledge that!
#2 Look around and find one area that you would like your child to cooperate in and help them get there!

Let us know in the comments how it is going!


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