Travel Thursday: The Up Side

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Newton’s Third Law of Motions says that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 

When a spouse travels it is generally our reaction at home to adjust.  The first day or so we don’t mind but by day 3 or 4 it starts getting rough. Complaining, tiredness and impatience come into play.  It’s natural.  It is our equal and opposite reaction to not want to be alone when we have a committed partner.

But what if there is also an equal and opposite reaction to letting the travel get to us?  What if there is an up side that draws out thankfulness, creates rest and empowers patience? 

I want to encourage us to find that!  I know that it is tough to be home alone doing EVERYTHING.  But there is an upside and we travel widows don’t talk about it often enough.

Time.  We have time.

My kids are all in bed by 8:30pm and don’t get up until 7:15am.  What I do with those hours are important! 

For couples that are both home that time is spent together – watching T.V., running errands or maybe even a date night.  Not that I wouldn’t love to have those things but for now, I’m here, alone, and want us all to see the positive in that.

Thankfulness:  From 8:30 – 9:15 I pick up my house.  Although not the most fun job I do get to put on my iPod, dance around like a crazy woman and sing while I do it!  It allows me to enjoy my home, get something done and be thankful that when I wake up in the morning I can start fresh!

Rest:  I have a bed time of 10:30ish when my husband is out of town.  I sleep until 6:15am.  Although I miss cuddling in bed with my guy, I do get a lot more sleep than when he is home.  With both of us here we tend to stay up and talk and read but with just me the temptation to stay up is gone and I try and take full advantage.

Patience:  Quiet time alone.  From 9:15 – bedtime I have quiet time.  Often me and my Bible but sometimes just time to think, reflect and pray.  It’s in those moments that I gather my thoughts.  Think lovingly about my husband and kids.  Reflect on the things that made the day great and think about what I can do better tomorrow.  This quiet time helps me create a place of peace that I hope I pass on to my children in the morning as patience.

So, although most of us would like a few more date nights and someone to watch a movie with, we also have the  great privilege of being able to be a little more thankful, get a little more rest and share a little more patience in our home!

Most of life happens in season.  Take advantage of this one before it passes you by!

I’d love to hear from you! How are you using your alone time positively? 


5 thoughts on “Travel Thursday: The Up Side

  1. Great post! I admire your positive outlook. When my husband is out of town for work I read so much more. I cam easily breeze through a couple books if he is away for a week. 🙂

  2. I love the reminders of thankfulness, rest, and patience – even for moms whose husbands don’t travel. You rock, rachael!

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