Toddler Tuesday: Becoming our parents…

This week my daughter said the word “baseball” for the first time.  The very same day my son picked out his own clothes and came proudly running out with his St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt. 

See, it’s almost baseball season in our house and my husband has been talking, walking and sleeping baseball.  This fact is obviously not lost on my children.  They want to be a part of the action and they want to be just like their dad.

A kids desire to be like their parents is cute at this age.  But think about it for a moment.  How many times in adulthood or parenthood have you stopped and thought “I’m becoming my mother/father/grandmother.”

We have a huge impact on who our kids become.  I first thought “Isn’t that cute how our kids do what we do.”  But it is more than that. 

How our children do something is much less important than who they emmulate.  As parents we know our children want to be like us but have you ever stopped to think that you are doing more than teaching them HOW to be but you are teaching them WHO to be.

This is a little harder with toddler’s because we teach them HOW to do a lot of things. Get dressed, go potty, use silverware, say the alphabet and so much more.  Although these activies are HOW moments we can also be teaching our chidren WHO to be.

Take getting dressed for example.  We teach them HOW to put on their clothes piece by piece.  While you are doing that take the time to teach your kids WHO God made them to be.  He gave them arms for climbing, legs for running and a head for thinking.  Help them discover WHO they are in the image of their Creator.  It will also be a great reminder of WHO you are!

Today’s Challenge:  HOW can you teach your toddler today WHO they are?
(And don’t forget to share with us in the comments!)


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