Travel Thursday: Flat Tire Syndrome

                                                                                             Photo By AlishaV

It appears to be a good day.  You got up on the right side of the bed, you sent your husband off to work for 6 days with a kiss and the kids all seem to be behaving – what could possibly go wrong.

Enter Murphy’s Law.  I’m sure we have all heard it “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”  I’ve renamed Murphy’s Law in my life “The Flat Tire Syndrome”.

Twice now my husband has left for work (read about it here and here) and this has happend to me.  The first time we were on our way to meet friends and play.  The second time we were leaving town (well, trying) to bid farewall to my grandfather.

In the moment I tend to lose my cool.  I mean really, how can this keep happening!?!  We try to diligently maintain the one car that we have.  We wash her, give her oil changes regularly and even vaccum here out on occassion.  And why does it always happen when I am alone!

Nietzsche said “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”  Not the most positive thought (or the most positive philosopher) but he has a point!

We regularly experience challenges big and small in our every day lives.  We have two choices:  Be Angry or Embrace It.

If we are angry:  We gain nothing.  Frustration takes over, our patience is limited and we fail to be a light to others around us.

If we embrace it:  We gain everything.  Peace prevails, we have control of our patience and not only can we be a light to others but we can experience their love for us.

This past “flat tire syndrome” occurance was a much better experience than the first one.  A friend came to watch the kids (instead of me dragging them to the tire store like last time) becuase I was more patient as I thought through the morning.  I drove calmly to the tire store and explained my situation.  My peaceful approach helped me get in right away.  I received joy from the  help of a friend and the friendly service of a stranger all because I understood – we must embrace our struggles.

There is always hope:

“My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

So next time Flat Tire Syndrome creeps up in your life remember:  you have the opportunity to try and even if you fail, you are still loved!


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