Travel Thursday – My Story: Part 2

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My Story – Part 2

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This job came with one downside – travel.  My husband is an executive chef on a train.  He travels from Chicago to places all over the country.  He is gone for a minimum of 4 days and maximum of 6 days.  The job is also an “on call” job so he has a guaranteed 48 hours off between shifts, sometimes more, sometimes a little less – we never know.

So here we are.  We celebrate the blessing of a job in this economy, the security of benefits for our family of 4 and the joy of Steve having a job that he loves.

We accept that it is a challenge God has for us at this time in our lives and we humbly pray that we are open every day to how He might have us change and grow through it.

I also struggle.  Just because we are willing to do what God asks of us does not always mean the road is easy.  This road is not always easy!

One thing I struggle with is finding me.  I think as moms we all have that struggle in some way, shape or form.

Finding time between family, home, work and spiritual life is a lot – it doesn’t matter if your husband is home all the time or not!

I have found that one way to find me time is to talk about it with my husband and try to schedule something. It’s a little hectic because we don’t always know when he is going to be home.  He recently agreed that when he is home, the afternoon nap time is me time.

It takes his willingness to support me in this way for this to work.  I feel loved because he gives this time to me!

I can take a walk, run errands, hunker down at a coffee shop for some blogging time or make plans with a girlfriend.

Right now my me time is about to come to an end.  Time to leave the coffee shop and head home.  But before I do,  tell me: Where do you find me time?  What creative ways do you have to help find that time and what do you do with it?

Until next week…


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