Travel Thursday: I didn’t sign up for this…

“I didn’t sign up for this!”  I am sure we have all said that at one point.  Maybe it was parenthood, a job you “thought” you knew the description of or just a crazy day you couldn’t get control of.

That’s what Travel Thursday is all about!  Figuring out how to celebrate, enjoy and occasionally vent about where the crazy situations we find ourselves in have us at the moment.

Photo by Me

My Story:

When I got married my husband was in school full time studying to be a classically trained chef.  This sounded GREAT to me.  I am not a great cook, get overwhelmed by the grocery store and thought it would be great to have a guy that wants to be in the kitchen, what a perk!

I never really thought through what it would be like AFTER he graduated.  When he had to get a job. Most chefs work long hours, at night and most weekends.  They don’t receive benefits, are not salaried and their schedule changes week to week.

Imagine my excitement when after almost a year of unemployment Steve found a job that included benefits and a monthly guaranteed income.  Party at our place…almost.

The job also included 20+ days away from home per month. With a toddler and baby on the way this did NOT sound ideal!

Join us next week for the rest of the story…but in the mean time…

Does your spouse travel?
Do you spend a lot of hours alone?
Tell us in the comments and share one thing that helps you run the race day in and day out!


6 thoughts on “Travel Thursday: I didn’t sign up for this…

  1. Yes, my husband travels on and off for is work and often switches between days and nights. It is a struggle for sure, especially since the kids always seem to get sick when he’s away or something happens where it would be so much better to have him home. I am thankful for his job, but I pray for strength (or a change) many days.

    • I just experienced this last weekend! My husband was out of town for work and the car would not start. Add in the 3.5 feet of snow and it was an all around good time.

      Builds patience and endurance I suppose 🙂

      Hang in there and know there are some other moms out here in the same shoes!


    • I will say I don’t think it is all flowers and fairy tales every day! There are days (a lot of days) where I just want my spouse to be home and I just want things to be “normal”. I just have to accept that this is our “normal” right now and instead of feeling negatively about it I should seek some positive in our current situation. I’m sure every situation is different!

      Hope things are sunny wherever you are at 🙂

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