Toddler Tuesday…”I can’t do everything!”

Photo by meddygarnet

Grocery bag in one hand, 18 month old in the other, 3 feet of snow and my 3 year old.  We are walking out of the grocery and to our car.

My simple request is that my toddler open his door.  He just stood there and looked at me.  I politely asked again.  Still nothing.  A third time and he finally whispered “I need help.”

Exasperated I put the groceries in the snow, shifted the 18 month old to my other arm and said “Sometimes I just need your help, I can’t do everything!”

My little guy climbed into his chair while I put the groceries in the car and buckled everyone in and just sat there quietly all the way home.

Later as I was putting away the groceries I began feeling badly about getting frustrated with him.  See, he is 3.5 and he can’t do everything either.  And although he can open the car door, when it is 10 degrees out, we just spent an hour shopping and we are all a little hungry I can see where he is just a bit worn out.

Thinking it through I realized that my little guy deserves as much assistance as I am asking him to give me.  He can’t do everything either.  Especially when we are tired, worn out and have already had a long day.

Stop today in the midst of the rush and frustrations and remember that there is someone who can provide the strength and endurance to keep going!

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13)

Today’s Challenge:  Teach your toddler Philippians 4:13.  Help them rely on God’s strength to carry them through the day to day! (And maybe during the process you can be encouraged too!)


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday…”I can’t do everything!”

  1. I can totally relate to this. When I have one crying and two constantly asking for things all at the same time, it’s so easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder to put myself in their shoes at those times.

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