Manic Monday…ANOTHER new feature…

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I have a gift for you!

If you haven’t gotten the hint from the past week of new features I’ve discovered that there are 5 days in a work week, each day will have a fun feature title and each week I will post on each day.  So here is an intro and recap to what is happening here on To Be A Mom…

Manic Monday: This is going to be a collection of articles, pictures, stories – whatever the internet brings my way – there is so much out there, let’s enjoy it together.

Toddler Tuesday: If you have a child somewhere between the ages of 1 and 5 Tuesday’s are for you.  Come chime in on the conversation about surviving the busiest years of motherhood.

Wednesday Words: Expecting?  Maybe for the first time or maybe you have done this before!  Wednesday Words is a week by week collection of devotionals for expecting moms.

Travelling Thursday: Ah yes.  Thursday’s are for those moms whose husbands travel or they just find themselves doing the bulk of the parenting.  My husband travels around 20 days a month leaving me at home with 2 kids.  Survival is the name of the game!  See you there for tips on parenting and planning ahead.

Financial Friday: Trying to live frugally?  Have a question about money?  Just curious about my financial life (really???).  Friday’s are meant to wrap your week up well and start your weekend off right by making sure your money is in the right place.

Hope to see you here all week long!

Questions?  Thoughts?  Article/Picture/Info submissions?
Email: rachael (dot) judd (at) gmail (dot) com


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