Great Peace…Bring it On! (Week 9)

“All your Children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” (Isaiah 54:13)

What is the speed of your brain?  Feeling a little jumpy yet?  Crying at the drop of a pin?  Laughing at inappropriate moments?  Most minds run a mile a minute at the beginning of pregnancy. Add in a million additional hormones and you’ve really got a party!

Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Stop.  Look.  Listen.  These are the directions we give a child when they learn to cross the street.  You are getting ready to cross a street – more like a highway – of life into motherhood.  Take it slow.  Remember that it is a process.

Instead of getting on the hormone roller coaster start bringing your thoughts to the Lord.  Practice spurs you on to excellence. Begin praying for your child.  God already has a plan for baby and for you – start resting at His feet and experiencing His peace.

Mom Tip: Find something (a hobby, an activity, a class) that you enjoy and begin relaxing.  It will serve you well during pregnancy to have a “happy place” to keep coming to!


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