New Feature! Toddler Tuesday’s

Ah yes – I have a thing for alliteration (bear with me – English major turned mom, I have to put this energy somewhere!).

I have absolutely been blessed by working on Wednesday Words for expecting moms.  Encouraging those that are pregnant is near and dear to me.

But what happens a couple years later when your waist line still isn’t where it used to be and your sanity seems to be missing? You must have a toddler!

Now “Toddler” is really undefined – but for the sake of this blog Toddler Tuesday’s is going to apply to any child not an infant and not in Kindergarten.

I’m hoping this segment will take on a life of it’s own.  I hope it will be a platform for sharing ideas, telling funny stories and remembering that we are our child’s greatest influence at this point in their lives.  Our actions speak louder than our words.

Write it on your calendar, put it in your blog reader – welcome to Toddler Tuesday’s!


Today is short and sweet – just a reminder that our kids do as we do and often say as we say.

This week I was grinding coffee and my little guy was doing the usual, following me around and making sure he was as close to me as possible without touching me.  (Lesson 1:  Toddler’s don’t know the term “personal space”).

I finished grinding coffee and as I was putting it in the coffee maker and cleaning it up my son piped up and said “Great job mom!  You’re great and strong!”

My first thought was, what a sweetheart.  My second thought was, great eh, I am great!?  My third thought was, where did he learn to be so encouraging?

Our children learn from watching us.  If we want our children to encourage others we must encourage others.


Today’s Challenge:  Who can you encourage and praise in the presence of your toddler?


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