The Mommy Pillow

I have a mommy pillow.  I think every mom should have one.  (I mean really – I should patent this, brand it and sell it).

Sometimes you have long days.  And if you have a spouse that comes home in the evening you may on occasion vent to them about how it went.  This is why having a spouse is great – you have someone you can just let it all out with. In most relationships your spouse “gets” that you are just having a rough day, will lend an ear and may even have some sane, calming words of encouragement.

But what happens when your spouse travels or works long hours?  When for days on end no one comes home at night and you don’t have that person to hear you out for 5 minutes?

What happens is that small frustrations just build up.  You swallow, take a deep breath and just don’t let things bother you or at least pretend that things don’t bother you just so you can make it through the day. After all, you aren’t supposed to sweat the small stuff right?

Let me tell you – if you are a person that has no outlet for even small frustrations you will explode, eventually.  Likely it will be over something completely stupid.

Enter The Mommy Pillow!

When I am getting to that point where I know the little frustrations are getting to me I have some time with The Mommy Pillow.  It is the pillow on my side of the bed that is the most lumpy.  I have punched, hugged, cried into and screamed through The Mommy Pillow. The Mommy Pillow has seen me in my most vulnerable, down and dishonorable moments.

BUT – the sanity it provides is real.  The Mommy Pillow keeps me from screaming at my children, throwing things when I’m frustrated and bursting into tears at just the wrong moment. It provides quick and very real relief so I can open my bedroom door and go on with my day having an attitude that is much more like Jesus than the one I walked into the bedroom with.

I wish I didn’t experience frustration, anger or exhaustion.  I wish I had a heart that always acted in a way that was right.

I’m working on it.  And with the Grace I have been given, I get a little closer everyday.

Until then – The Mommy Pillow to the rescue!

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5


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