This is why motherhood is exhausting…

It is because things happen SO FAST…you are always and I mean ALWAYS on your toes!  For example, this is how I spent the last 15 minutes:

7:20pm: Pick up baby, bedtime bear and head to the bedroom for PJ’s and diaper change

7:21pm: Realize there are no diapers and you need to open a new collection.

7:22pm: Put baby on floor, grab new diapers, pull out one for bedtime put the rest in the diaper drawer

7:24pm: Notice that baby has crawled out of bedroom

7:24:30: Observe Son (who has been quietly watching Thomas, please don’t judge me!) saying “No baby, don’t turn that off.”

7:25pm: Walk into living room to no Thomas, Baby in front of Wii System and Son just looking annoyed

7:26pm: Figure out that in the 1 minute you were putting diapers in their place baby has crawled to the Wii, taken out the Netflix Disk and managed to LOSE IT!

7:28pm: Find disk under entertainment center.

7:29pm: Re-insert disk, Resume Thomas, pick up baby, head back to bedroom

7:30pm: Baby on changing table, outfit half off, Son standing next me with an empty cup asking for “more water”.

7:31pm: Asking from Son turns into all out tired crying for water, even in the midst of my calm “When the baby is dressed we will get water right away”

7:32pm: After wrestling baby into PJ’s and listening to Son want water NOW for two minutes, Put baby on floor and make my way to the Brita for more water

7:33pm: Pick up baby, who has been grabbing at my heals, walk her to bed, kiss her, pray for her, cover her and leave the room

7:34pm: Take care of diaper, pick up dirty clothes and drop them in laundry, take one last peak at tired baby

7:35pm: Fall over on my bedspread – focus – focus – Did it really just take me 15 minutes to put the baby in PJ’s?  So THAT’S where the time goes!?!


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