Between 5pm – 8pm

You know that worst time of day for your kids?  Those few hours a day that all you want is your significant other to show up and lend a hand.  Even if all he does is play with one child while you do something motherly (change a diaper, bathe, nurse…) for the other one.

Me too.  From Dinner Time to Bed Time.  I want to run and hide.  When afternoon nap time is over I know I only have 1.5-2 sane hours left before the whole day seems to come crashing down around me.

I wait, and wait, and wait some more for my loving and wonderful husband to lend a hand.  However, as you know, he is no where to be found.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  You might find him in San Fran, Denver, Austin, Whitefish…unfortunately for me we live in the Midwest so while he is off cooking I am here, waiting!

Lately I’ve been asked a lot if I “have help” or “have family”.  I wonder if these 3 hours a day are starting to show.  Maybe I am getting gray  hairs that I don’t quite notice yet.  Whatever it is I know it is there…

Tonite for instance I asked my son to come to the bathroom for a shower.  He came to the bathroom and then proceeded to cry while I took off his clothes, put him in the shower and walked away.  And he cried and cried and continued to cry.

I don’t mind a little crying here or there.  It is just that I am the only one that gets to hear it.

And that is the bottom line.  One of the many things that makes being a Chefs Widow difficult is being the only one to hear things.  Granted I get to hear the I love you’s, first words and first jokes but I also hear all the crying, all the yelling and all the frustration – all the time.

Some days I have the patience to handle it with cool and calm…other days (like today)…I just walk out of the bathroom and close the door behind me, hoping that in 5 minutes I can hear the shower water.


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