This Blog is a Platform for: Mom thought #459

At least it is today.  You know when the mood strikes, right?  I have read the book Grace Based Parents and just ready this blog post.  The combination of those two things inspired me to write this post, because I can…

What keeps parents from focusing on what is important? In this case important being my child’s eternity.

This is coming from all directions this week.  My part time job in children’s ministry (which asks this question all the time) an email from a friend, books, blogs and just my crazy life in general.

What DOES keep parents/ministries/moms/people for focusing on what is important? After a few (or more) minutes of pondering this I think this question has TONS of answers, I’ve narrowed it down to these for the moment.

Culture: We live in a country where EVERYTHING is important.  Every cause, every person, every event, absolutely everything.  This is not true.  Although everyone is important to God and therefore important to us that doesn’t mean everything is important RIGHT NOW, which brings me to my second point.

City: I (and many people reading this) live in an urban area.  Everything is RIGHT NOW (or like, so 5 minutes ago). Stop, breath, smell the flowers.  Really ponder what is important right now and what can wait a minute, or week, or month.  Especially those of you in an urban area.  The city moves at a pace of a mile a minute but that does not mean you have to.  Which bring me to point three.

Personal Pace: My personal pace is 2 miles a minute (take that city!).  Sometimes our personal pace is ridiculous. I especially find this true as a parent.  We have a spouse, child/children, church, work, friends, neighbors, other family and personal time to be concerned about.

So I know, thanks for the reminder, but what to do?  Again, here are a few solutions, for the moment:

Evaluate: This requires stopping and thinking.  Evaluate what the world is feeding you.  First, is it truth?  Second, does it matter?

Stop: Pause. Really. Take a breath.  Take ten.  Sometimes before we can move forward we need to stop where we are right now. Tie up the lose ends that you have right now before moving on to the next thing.

Be Yourself: I know, it sounds cliche.  It isn’t.  Be who you are as a child of God.  Live in the giftings and passions that God has given and revealed to you.  Don’t fight for literacy if you are passionate about poverty.  Don’t try to teach if you are gifted in prayer.  As Oprah would say “Live your best life now” to which I would add “as God shows and directs you to”.

What DOES keep parents/ministries/moms/people for focusing on what is important?  This was a really short answer to a very deep question but I think the bottom line is that our humanity keeps us from what is important.

We are sinners in need of a Savior.  Until we lay down ourselves and follow Him we will keep focusing on the unimportant and forget the important for all mankind: eternity.


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