Some things AREN’T funny…

And some things are…today was my son’s day to be a complete ham and sweetheart all in one!  Yesterday after daddy being home for 3 days he went back to work on the road.  The day after daddy goes to work is always an interesting one, I never know what to expect.  Especially from my son.  Sometimes the change doesn’t fade him and sometimes I get terror son and want to send him on the road with his dad!

So here it is your funny and not so funny all in one…

Our friend (whose husband is also away tonite) invited us over for dinner.  We were relaxing at the table and talking while the babies played on the floor and my son sat with us quietly and then, out of nowhere, from the far end of the table we hear this:

Son: (perfectly toned, perfectly clear) “BUUURRRRPPPP* *giggle*

Son: (mousey sweet) “excuse me”

My Friend: Uncontrolable laughter (her son is not old enough to do this yet!)

Son: more mousey sweet giggles

Now, I do not usually condone this kind of activity but his politeness mixed with her laughter and his giggles following that was just too much.  It was not funny but really…it was!

And then, my son just decided to pour on the sugar today…we were home, getting cleaned up and ready to rest.  As I helped pull his pants up this is what happened:

Son: Grabbed my neck and says “I love you”

Me: “I love you too buddy”

Son: “I don’t WANT to miss you”

Me: *tear* I don’t want to miss you either

I mean really, where does this kid get this stuff!


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