Filtered or Tap?

I’ll take filtered please!  (Am I a snob or what!?!)

Day 1 of my new experiment. For the last six plus months I have been plagued by a very random stomach virus.  I went to my Dr. who tested me for all sorts of things and everything came back “normal”  (obviously he didn’t do a brain scan, but I regress).

I have tried very hard to figure out what is wrong with me.  I know there is something wrong because my stomach hurts, there is physical evidence and I have lost a tremendous amount of weight (which as a woman that has had 2 kids isn’t such a bad thing – just maybe not the healthiest way to go about obtaining the figure I desire).

I have changed my diet. Eaten more, eaten less.  Slept more, slept less.  Done less activity, engaged in more activity.  Nothing seemed to make it better and really not much seemed to make it worse.  I have noticed a slight increased discomfort when I intake too much caffeine (what!?!  3 pots of coffee before noon is too much!) and when I over do it on the sugar (again – what!?!  I mean one good piece of chocolate pie deserves another!)

Nothing.  No changes.

I have spent most of the month of July out of town visiting my immediate family and in-lawed family.  I have felt superb!   Little to no discomfort/illness/weight loss (bummer!).

I return home and mere HOURS after my return feel misery in my stomach, literally.

*Light Bulb Moment*

I drank 3 entire glasses of tap water with about 1,002 ice cubes each when I got home.  I make all our coffee with our tap water.  I make all my tea with our tap water.  I need about 4 pieces of ice per cold beverage and I use tap water to make them.  What if I eliminate tap water?

Now, I am not buying bottled (yet).  First, I can’t afford the expense.  Second, even though I recycle I feel like it is just silly to drink bottled water when there are other ways to filter water.  Third, I have a Brita in the basement and 3 unopened filters, frugality and logic will prevail.

So this afternoon started Day 1 of only using filtered water.  All ice, beverages, coffee and as much cooking that calls for unboiled water will come from the water filter.  I’ll report back.

If this IS the solution I think I should get a gold medal or honorary PhD or something…maybe health will have to be a good enough return for now!


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